You run your business, we'll run your technology. MMARS Information Services is the leading provider of managed IT services for small and medium-sized companies, schools and government agencies. With more than ten years experience delivering affordable, best practice technology solutions, we can help keep your IT systems up — and your costs down by leveraging solutions tailored to your everyday business problems.  Our experience across multiple technology platforms provides us insight and adaptability to client needs.  Information drives your business and your business dictates the technology.
  • VMware Virtualization
  • Microsoft and Linux Client and Server Technologies and Applications
  • Networking Implementation
  • Security Infrastructure and Change Management Processes

Information Technology should be a help, not a hindrance, to today's business. Whether you use IT publicize your business or make better business decisions, information technology is all around us.

It can be overwhelming for business owners to choose which technology to purchase and implement with the myriad of technology choices available today. Concerns of being 'locked in' to proprietary technologies, hidden costs and proper security are a part of every decision.

We help you better understand today's information problems and overcome them by supporting a broad range of solutions and leveraging the best technology tailored for your business.

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